Gymnastics Educational Movement School also known as GEMS Gym is a children's gymnastics centre. We aim to provide a structured program for children's physical literacy and developmental gymnastics in a fun, safe and positive environment.

Here at GEMS, it is our goal to give kids a head start in physical education and get them excited about an active and healthier lifestyle through gymnastics. By being actively involved in an exercise programme such as ours, your kids will develop a healthy mind-set that will carry them through for life.

Why gymnastics?

Gymnastics is all about strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, endurance and discipline. In addition, your child will grow with confidence as they master new skills benefiting your child’s holistic development.

Our commitment to you

We are passionate about what we do to help kids develop healthy lifestyles from a young age. We focus on your child’s strengths to help them discover their potential and reach their limits in a safe and encouraging manner.