We are delighted to share some feedback we've received from parents at UWCSEA East in 2015 whose kids have been coached by Joy over the years. We use the same philosophy and approach to coaching at GEMS Gym, and are confident to fill up these pages with happy parents from GEMS Gym in time! :)


I feel fortunate that my daughter was coached by Joy, as she nurtured a love for gymnastics in my daughter. She looked forward to every practice and it truly was the highlight of her week. As a parent you can see the effect of a coach caring deeply about the children, and you can see how Joy’s genuine compassion motivates and influences every aspect of her professional practice. Because of Joy’s positive approach to coaching, my daughter has really come out of her shell. Before she started gymnastics she was very shy and reserved, but after she had been coming to gymnastics with Joy, she has developed so much confidence not only as a gymnast, but as an individual.
— Amy Brooks, Parent of Aliyah
We truly appreciate how you have given our girls a lot of personal time to understand their potential and their responsibilities to other people around them. Focus on achieving and surpassing tough gymnastic goals which take sustained practice and concentrated performance effort is a life-long skill, and it serves as a good definition of character, or even simply ‘courage’. A great coach is so much more than an experienced trainer of gym skills. A great gym coach is a role model and life coach too!
— Tom & Tori Giaever-Enger, Parents of Tilly & Tiana
We have moved around different established gymnastics clubs and schools in Singapore as I found many of them not positive; in fact they looked more like a military academy. I did not want this for our children. I’m very happy that our children have been able to train for 4 years with coach Joy. She is positive, experienced and inspires kids to be their best while enjoying the gymnastics process and not being solely focused on the end result. Joy’s coaching approach is positive, constructive, informative, very balanced and honest. Joy smiles! I have not seen that much with coaches at other established gymnastic clubs, academies and schools. My children love to come to practice. Gymnastics has been a key ingredient for my children, who each have learning differences, to achieve academic success. Gymnastics has improved their balance, coordination, strength all of which help to organise a neurologically disorganised brain (or differently wired brain).

It is a unique opportunity for your child to work with Joy. Her smile and positive attitude are contagious and rub off on the kids. Joy is an expert gymnast and she really shows that children really can achieve things in life that they would not have thought possible before. This results in increased level of confidence and self esteem that carry across in other areas of your child’s life, including academics. Not only that, the child now knows, that with focus and continuous attention he or she can achieve anything in life.
— Roos, Parent of Fleur, Zoe, Simone (names changed for privacy reasons)
We didn’t have any fears about the risk of injuries as we see gymnastics as a wonderful sport which helps develop strength and agility and mental focus for any other sport as well. This has indeed been proved, as Anika has been performing very well in many other sports as well. Anika has become an amazing time manager and that has been very much thanks to gymnastics. With so many hours of training and highly demanding school work, she has been very focused on her academics and has not missed a single deadline or piece of homework for the past years.
— Eva Rojkjaer, Parent of Anika
Alina has full, busy weekdays. I have asked her to plan her limited time carefully to complete her homework. And each time I can see her effort and responsibility to complete her task. This is a result of the values instilled through gymnastics.

Coach Joy, you have the passion to teach gymnastic as well as giving many children an opportunity to excell. I can see the true trusting relationship between you and the gymnasts. You are always there to support the children to enjoy what they do!
— Hiroe Sen, Parent of Alina
The girls love coming to practice, never once have I ever had to drag them there . You’ve made it a very friendly atmosphere. I like the way that fun is also a focus, all the children I see are smiling and the coaches are all very warm. Some of the other school coaches look quite scary (!), I’m glad that whilst your coaches expect hard work and focus they also remember that they are dealing with school children and not olympians.

Aside from the obvious general fitness, strength and stamina which helps them in all aspects of life, I have noticed Billy’s general social confidence grow as she has had to make friends with older girls that she has trained with. She’s definitely also matured, which is good for her as she’s the baby of the family. She also sleeps really well at night and is awake full of energy for the next day!
— Claire Salaria, Parent of Zakia & Balquisse
Our child has really improved her body movements and flexibility. Just recently she showed a pretty good bridge! We love the confidence she has gained, she is not afraid to put her body to the test with new, challenging exercises. Coach Joy is really the best gym coach we have had until now. Always smiling and cheerful, yet disciplined and focused on the final result. She is totally dedicated not only to the sport itself but also to every single athlete.
— Alessandro Menozzi, Parent of Clotilde & Camilla
I think gymnastics teaches Beth never to give up, to try and try again. Because it’s a sport that requires building up the core muscles, Beth has exceeded all expectations from her PE teacher. She gets the thrill of out-running her classmates and doing the longest possible plank during PE. Her PE teacher even who told her she should join her touch rugby team! You are a nurturing and caring coach, and you have the proper skills to teach gymnastics and make it fun for the little ones.
— Sylvia Kong, Parent of Beth